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Guanidine sulfamate Sanding

Our company's products are widely used in pipeline engineering in industries such as power, chemical, petroleum, natural gas, metallurgical, heating pipeline networks, shipbuilding, papermaking, and construction. Our products are sold to over 30 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions across the country, and have been exported to countries such as Indonesia, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

key word:

Guanidine sulfamate Sanding



Product name

Guanidine sulfamate

Molecular formula


Annual production capacity

2,500 tons

Molecular weight


CAS number



White lump. The melting point is 128°C. The solubility to water is 100 (20℃), 429 (60℃),
and the PH value is almost neutral.

Standard quality

The purity is above 90% (average 95%), and the PH value is 7.0-9.0 (4% aqueous solution).
Dry weight loss is less than 1.0%.


Flame retardant. It can be used for the flame retardant of wallpaper, fiber, carpet, curtain and other materials;
it can also be used for the flame retardant of wood, furniture, etc.

Packaging and storage

1.Packed in single-layer thick plastic bag, each bag weighs 25 kilograms.
2.500kg-600kg container bag packaging.
Each 20-foot container can hold 18-20 tons with pallets.


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