Papua New Guinea Ammonium sulfamate


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Product Description

Product name

Ammonium sulfamate

Molecular formula


Annual production capacity

3,600 Tons

Molecular weight


CAS number



White loose crystals. It is soluble in water, weakly acidic in the aqueous solution, and the solubility
in water under standard conditions is 185.6. Can absorb moisture in the air. Insoluble in methanol and ethanol.


It is widely used in pesticide, printing and dyeing, tobacco, building materials, textile and other industries;
it can be used as herbicide and flame retardant intermediate.

Packaging and storage

Packed in woven bag lined with double-layer plastic bag, net weight 25kg or 500kg.
Store and transport as general chemicals, prevent moisture and sunlight.

Quality (technical) indicators

Index name\level

First level
Ammonium sulfamate %≥ 99.5
Burning residue %≤ 0.02
SO4 %≤ 0.05
Pb %≤ 0.0002
Cl%≤ 0.002
Fe%≤ 0.0001
10% aqueous solution PH value 4-6