After sulfamic acid cleans complex and insoluble scale


2023-04-23 15:54

Cleaning effect inspection and evaluation
The pipes of the cooling system, the internal parts of the cooling tower and the plastic multi-faceted hollow spherical packing inside the cooling tower are cleaned without residual scale and no overwashing. The cleaning effect is good.
4 After sulfamic acid cleans complex and insoluble scale
Continuing to practice, the circulating cooling system of the oxygen plant will adopt this process in the future, and have been cleaned twice. The effect is good, and both are rated as excellent projects by Party A.
Because sulfamic acid has a strong ability to dissolve carbonate scale, it is used to clean the stainless steel tube of the condenser, especially when there are more complicated and insoluble scales in the air extraction area of the condenser.
5 Conclusion
As a good chemical cleaning medium, sulfamic acid performs well when it is used to clean complex and insoluble scales. It has advantages that strong acids such as hydrochloric acid do not have. It is more economical and easier than EDTA (requiring a high temperature above 125 ℃) operate. Because sulfamic acid is a solid, it is easy to transport, has high purity, is safe and economical, and has a wide range of applications. It will be widely used in industrial cleaning practices.

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